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ELFIN premium Dinner Set (68pcs) with Mandala design


HOMEPRIVILEZ’s 68 PCS ELFIN PREMIUM Stainless Steel Dinner Set has a gorgeous look in your kitchen and ensure a very satisfying and stylish way of Dining. Each piece of the Gorgeous Dinner set is Laser printed with Mandala design which makes it exclusive that makes the family members and Guests equally satisfied and privileged. The Dinner set is very heavy and made from quality food grade stainless steel which makes it a brilliant product and an ultimate combo. The Stainless-steel Dinner sets are always better than melamine or Ceramic dinner sets and It is Healthy, Rust Free and robust making it useful for daily stylish Dining. This makes sure that there is no food contamination, and that the food can be stored in the same containers and can be used to serve as well. Moreover, this kitchen dining set is very size efficient, will fit in your kitchen effortlessly, and will save you a lot of space. This Exclusive Dinner set is a complete value for money as this serving and storage set is an excellent add-on to your kitchen. This can be a perfect choice as it is easy on pockets and is elegant enough that it could be a stylish gift to friends and family.

Weight of the set – 9 kg (approx.)


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Size Sets – 68 PCS

Material – Stainless steel

Colour – Silver with Laser Marked Mandala Design

Diameter of plate – Full plate: 30 cm, Side plate: 20 cm (6 piece each)

Diameter of Bowl – Big Bowl: 11.5cm Bowl: 10.5 cm (12 pcs).

Diameter of BIG Katori: Halwa Katori 11.5cm (6 pcs)

Diameter of glass – 7.8 cm(6 pcs)

Diameter of Serving Donga – Big Donga: 20.1 cm & Small Donga: 18 cm. (1 pcs each with Cover)

Length of cutlery – Dinner Spoon: 19 cm (6 pcs), Dinner Fork: 19cm (6 pcs), Tea spoon (6pcs), Serving spoon: 21 cm(2pcs),Baby Spoon (6pcs)

Water Jug: 1500ml

Serving Ladle: 25cm

Rice Plate: 35cm (1pcs)

Rice Server: 26 cm (1 pcs)

Capacity – Big Donga: 1800 ml, Small Donga: 1300 ml, Bowl: 300 ml, Big Katori-200ml ,Glass: 400 ml, Ladle : 125ml, Water Jug -1500ml

Height – Full plate: 2.8 cm , Side plate: 1.9 cm , Glass: 10 cm,  Bowl: 5 cm, Big Katori :3.5cm, Big Donga:  with Lid: 10.3 cm, Small Donga: with Lid: 9 cm

Production – Made in India

Weight ((9.0kg)

weight of each piece

  • Dinner Plate:- 400 gm
  • Side Plate:- 200 gm
  • Glass :- 120 gm
  • Big Katori:- 115 gm
  • Small Bowl:- 90 gm
  • Big Donga with Lid:- 500 gm
  • Small Donga with Lid:- 400 gm
  • WaterJug-350gm
  • Rice Plate:- 380 gm
  • Serving Spoon:- 65 gm
  • Dinner Spoon:- 50 gm
  • Dinner Fork:- 50 gm
  • Tea Spoon- 25gm
  • BABY Spoon -30gm

This product is Food Grade, Durable and Rust Free.



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